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Too Many Memories

Hey people! Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you like what you read!
Anyways, I have a few shout outs to do, so here goes.
MISS ESCORT: Weíve been best friends for what seems like ages and surprisingly 
enough we still like each other!! *grin* j/k You always know exactly what to say 
and you give THE best advice! Even though I donít usually follow it. *grin* 
(Hey Iím starting to listen!) Luv yas bunches!!
MR TAE KWON-DO: Heyas! I know youíre off at Miami now so I donít really get 
to see you much. Iím glad that I have a good guy friend like you, even though your 
girlie forces you to hang out with me! *grin* (I would hope that isnít true!!! *grin*) 
You always make me laugh, which is ALWAYs a good thing! Thank you so much for 
all the "guy insight" to situations. Luv ya goofy boy!

And HEY! to all Landmark people and everyone else who reads this.

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